About Us

Unlock Your Inner Artisia

Welcome Artisia!

We are so glad you stopped by! Let us spoil you a little. Sit back with a cup of tea or coffee, or whatever is your pleasure, and find out what this adventure is all about! We are thrilled that everyone who buys our Artisias Jewelry, knows they are about to have a great day! 

~Heather Cousins
Artisias CEO

What is an Artisia anyway?

The urban dictionary defines her as a creative, kind, joyful, hardworking woman who is easily distracted. I say yes, distracted by the everyday cares of life! Half the time we don’t know if we are coming or going. Does this sound like you? Well then welcome to the club, Artisia.

How it began…

Before I created Artisias, I was stuck in a rut in my life. Everything was the same, all blended together, into one gigantic blurry mess. There was no clarity, no vision. And my appearance reflected that.

Then one day I decided to do something about it. I wasn’t going to be the sloppy stay at home mom anymore, nope, but money was tight and I couldn’t afford new clothes or a new hairdo, but I did have some beads left over from an earlier project. Long story short, I made some earrings and I felt so good in them, it was as if I had bought a new outfit or a new hairdo! So that was it! I realized that I could make other women happy too, with just a simple pair of earrings that are beautiful but don’t cost what you’d pay for a new outfit or a trip to the salon. Just a small pick me up whenever you need it!

Then doubt crept in…

I was concerned that maybe other people wouldn’t be as fond of my jewelry as I was. Maybe they would see them as ordinary earrings and they would get lost in the vast sea of all the other earrings out there. Maybe I wasn’t savvy enough at this ‘own your own business’ thing and would fall on my face in front of everyone, maybe it would just be too hard.

But then I talked with my family and we decided that we would never know unless we gave it a really good, honest, try. My most difficult trial was getting over my own self-doubt about whether I am good enough to succeed at this, that my idea would get any traction and take off, or that I would be able to keep up if it did! But I absolutely love what I do. When I see the giddiness other Artisias get from something I made, I get giddy inside too, and am just so happy for them!

Unlock the Artisia in You!

So, that’s when I decided to create the most stylish handmade jewelry for the most unique women in the world, and Artisias was born. Through it all we released our first products, and the response has been terrific! Pure love from everyone who sees my creations.

That’s the story of how Artisias began. We hope that you will take a moment to look through our site and unlock the Artisia in you!