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Summer Is Back

Summer is back and doesn't it feel wonderful?! Cicadas and crickets singing as you sip your sweet tea, relaxing on the patio as the warm breeze touches your ears and the fringes of your new earrings tickle your neck. Ahhh...you can feel it now. Walking barefoot through fresh mowed grass, falling a...

Super Spring Sale

This is it, the big 40% off Spring sale where all spring lines are on sale!!! We are making room for our Summer Collection coming soon so I have to move out the inventory! SO if there is anything or things, you have had your eye on, then now is the time to buy!

Like I sai...

Bees In Bloom

Artisia's newest and largest collection to date is the Bees In Bloom Collection. What goes better with SpringTime and flowers than bees? And with all the struggles they've had in recent years, they deserve some time in the spotlight! Bees can be fun and elegant at the same time.

They can be count...