Let’s Talk Scarves

OK I will admit it, my latest obsession has been with these scarves!!I I have ordered way too many and have been practicing all the different types of ways to wear them…you can find the videos all over Pinterest. I fail horribly at it, but i try. I really wanted to use them on handbags but couldn’t find a bag that I liked that was REASONABLE in price. Then I found one.  So Classy and Sophisticated! Just what an Artisia would want, so I had to blog about it!
I fell in love when I saw this handbag on Amazon!  It wasn’t terribly expensive and it has enough room to fit my tablet! The lining is a beautiful red and it came with an extra little accessory bag. The brand name is Dasein, but it looks like something much more upscale.
(I am not affiliated with Amazon or Dasein)
No where really to go with it, with Covid and all, but I DID go to the grocery store with it and made sure I had the earrings and shoes on to match! ( The Gold Queen Bees match beautifully!) It felt good to step out with something as simple as a new scarf and handbag during this pandemic.
The cool thing about these scarves is you can buy them inexpensively and change your look in an instant! I love that! It’s the same with my earrings!
So if you are looking for a quick pick me up, might I suggest scarves.
What’s that you say? Why don’t I have some on my site?
Silly Artisia, that would be…..maybe not a bad idea! Comment below or e-mail me and let me know if you think I should sell these little things on my site or if i should stick to handmade stuff.

BTW, Sorry but as of the writing and publishing of this blog Dasein has sold out of the white in this particular style. They do have other colors and other designs if you shop their store though.

Update! Link Fixed!

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