New Design Trends for 2021

So, along with all those fabulous colors come these designs for the year. They are the trends that came out in a report I read, I’ll be it a little late from what I have seen, but verification is always good before publishing hunches. The marbling is called Fluid Art or Inkscape. The colors flow into one another making wonderful patterns and then topped with a very slippery sheen made of resin or epoxy of some kind. This is going to be a huge hit in the home decor world, and may be around for quite some time.

The faces are called Line Art. The idea is you draw something, in this case faces, without breaking the line or stopping until the image is complete. Quite remarkable and unique. You’ll find it on art,  jewelry, and fabrics.

Then we have the Tie Dye, which I believe may be a fad for the young or young at heart. The colors are in keeping with the colors for the 2021 Spring/Summer season, just in pastel tones. I personally have seen lots of light purples and blues, and those are my faves.

Some other trends I have seen in fashion, as I have mentioned before, are flowey blouses, with loose and almost balloon? sleeves, floral prints, and gold, gold, gold!

With jewelry I have noticed a trend of mixing metals. Silver with gold, silver with rose gold and so on. I hope this trend continues because I really like it! Tiny raw stones seem to be popping up too, continuing that simplistic vibe.
On the handmade front…well, my newest collection will tell you all you need to know about that Artisias. Keep an eye out!

Till then,
Stay safe,
Much Love,

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