Pantone Fall Colors

I know we haven’t even started spring yet and already Pantone has come out with a wide range of colors for the fall/winter season of 2021/22!
THE Color of the season, as I have stated before, is that Dark Forest Green called Leprechaun. You have probably already seen it in stores, I know I have and I have already begun buying the fabulous color in 2 blouses that I just adore! They pair so well with gold jewelry! My Dancing Queen Collection really stands out against the velvety color.

There are so many other shades like, Adobe- an earthy darker shade of reddish brown, and fire whirl- a deep red with a hint of orange to it. Of course these is still Illuminating Yellow, and Ultimate Gray, BUT my favorites are Pale Rosette – a peachy pink shade that has actually been around for a while, Silver Lake – an amazing grayish light blue that I am just captivated by, Mykonos Blue which will remind you of the Aegean Sea, and of course Leprechaun.
Of the neutral shades I am loving the Soybean – a dark cream, and Olive Branch, the name says it all.

I won’t go into detail but the other shades are Fuchsia Fedora, Root Beer, Rhodonite, and Coconut Cream.

So enjoy the colors from This season…but keep an eye out for the future…this Fall/Winter when things start to get colder…the colors are going to get warmer.

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