Butterflies In Bloom Milky Earrings

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I have 3 varieties of Butterflies. I have Clear, Milky, and Lilac. They are all hung on handmade raw brass kidney type wires and are very earthy and romantic.
The Clear ones have a brownish red border around the outside.
The Milky ones have an earthy lilac color bordering them. They are lighter in the light and darker in the shade.
And the Lilac ones have no border really, but do have some very light purple definition lines around the body and the wings. The pictures do not do the Lilac ones any justice. The color is a bit lighter. See Bees In Bloom in Lilac to get a better idea.

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These earrings are made of Czechoslovakian glass and handmade raw brass, kidney shaped ear wires. They hang 2″ and the butterflies are approx. 3/4″  wide.

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