Solana Beach Collection

Things have been pretty easy around here lately. Got the warm summer sun and the cool ocean breezes to greet me most days. Living in Southern California, it doesn’t take much to get you inspired when it comes to summer and the beach! Palm trees, sea shells, sand and surf.

Yes, being from the Midwest sure leaves you longing for the ocean most of the winter, but now I am here! I am living it! I can’t seem to believe it myself sometimes. I am truly grateful for each and every day.

So what does Summer mean to you? Pool parties and backyard bar-b-ques?  Vacations and time spent with family and friends? Time off to just relax? Or the beach? Yes, I think the beach pretty much takes the cake on all things summer.

If you are fortunate enough to live near the beach, or even to just visit once in a while, you are very blessed for sure! But what some coastal dwellers may at times take for granted, the rest of the country treasures and yearns for just that feeling…the feeling of the sun on your face and the salty wind in your hair…that feeling of…ahhhhh, summer.

The Solana Beach Collection was crafted from my love of the ocean and all things beachy. I have always loved the ocean, since I was a little girl living in the Midwest. Few things could compare to spending a vacation at a beachside city. A day on the beach was so memorable. Strolling along the shore, looking for shells and any other treasures you could find.

That’s what I want this collection to be. A collection of things resembling what you would have found over the years, strolling different beaches until one day you decided to turn them into a piece of jewelry…with some added touches of course. Because now you are all grown up and have a level of sophistication and class, you need to add some bling to all of those earthy tones to really make your pieces stand out.

That’s what the Solana Beach collection is all about. Earthy and natural with a good dose of bling to take things up to a new level.  My pieces are made from semi-precious stones, pearls, shells, czech glass, and other fine materials along with 18k gold plated chain and vintage brass.

These aren’t pieces made of the beach, they are pieces inspired by the beach. Just a touch above your average seashell jewelry. They sparkle, and scream class and sophistication! But having them close to you will always remind you that the beach isn’t really so far away.

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