Spring and Summer Trends

So artisias, now that you know the color(s) of the year, here is the new color trend palette for Spring and Summer of 2021. I know its bold, right? Bright, sunny, like a neon rainbow!
Need shades to look at these shades? Don’t fret, from what I have seen there will be variations on most if not all of these colors, most toned down with the tan and taupe shades mixed in.  I am loving the Orchid right now, but toned down to a nice lilac color, paired with a denim blue…how cute! I also Love the burnt coral! I have always loved that shade anyways. Nothing says Summer to me more than some coral and seafoam green! And can’t you just see the Cerulean and Green Ash toned down to make some awesome beach jewelry? All of these shades really are perfect for the upcoming season!

Another trend I continue to see is more romantic looking tops and dresses with that late 70’s to early 80’s vibe. Ruffles and frills. Higher necklines on some, which is great for wearing your hair up and showing off those new earrings.

My new spring line coming out soon will be softer, even more feminine and romantic. Yet this line will also have lots of color while staying simple. Some pieces will still be classy and understated, but all of them will have a bit of whimsy.  So they will work well with some of the new fashions I see coming out.

I can hardly wait to get the photos and put them up on the site artisias!

The Hexagon Collection is a big hit! I am seeing a lot of metal mixing going on, which is good for you since my Hexagons come in both the same colored metals and mixed metals. See? I got your back artisia.

So stay tuned to this blog for updates, or better yet, if you haven’t already done so, fill out the email form and get all the latest first! Plus a 20% off discount on your purchase from my site!

January is such an exciting time for my family. We want to wish yours all the best and pray that you all stay happy and healthy.

Much love,




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